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More Money, Less Hassle.

SOLD FAST - Want to sell your home quickly? Justin Michael, St. Louis REALTOR® is your answer.

The time has come to strongly consider putting your property up for sale. What are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transaction process? We’ll help guide you through the selling process. Allow us to find reliable buyers, and negotiate a price that meets your financial interests while ensuring a fast and efficient transaction.

Our experience, accompanied by our passion for marketing and networking will ensure that your home is listed properly and sells in a timely manner. 


  •  We will provide pre-listing tips, including simple adjustments that will maximize your proceeds but won't break your bank. 

  • A talented photographer will shoot your home with the best equipment, to ensure that your home's online presence is the best it can be. 

  • Your home will have the highest level of professional marketing material in the industry, and will be marketed locally and across the internet, where over 90% of home sales originate. 

  • Once an offer is submitted, we will ensure that your best interests are negotiated and your sale price is maximized. 

  • We will be with you through every step of the process, from beginning to sitting next to you at the closing table. 

Communication is paramount during this process. We are available by phone, text, or email at all times.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate knowledge and to guide you to success.


Click here to schedule a listing consultation.

We look forward to working with you!

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